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What to Do: The poster or cards in front of you are flat—it’s 2D, But put on the glasses, and look at them. What do you see now?
What is Happening:These glasses are one of the cooler items we have found for sale; they give a real 3D illustion to regular pictures, and they don’t distort the colors! Here’s how they work: the lenses bend the colors of light, just like a prism would. Red light gets bent by more than green, and green gets bent by more than blue. So your two eyes see the the different colors of light coming from different places! So red objects look like they are closer to you than green, and green objects are closer to you than blue. (Just how the glasses do this is another question; ask us for details!)

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We are the Little Shop of Physics, a hands on science outreach program at Colorado State University. Check us out!