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What to Do: This was a cheap project to build: we made it from a shop vac that cost $1.00 at a garage sale, a hula hoop, and a beach ball! Take the hose from the shop vac and aim it in the air. If you hold the hose very still, you can balance a ball in the stream of air! Have a friend hold up the hula hoop. Now move the hose around very slowly. The ball will follow the stream of air. See if you can get the ball to travel back and forth through the hula hoop!
What is Happening: Pressure in air decreases with increasing velocity: this is known as the Bernoulli Effect. Therefore the pressure is lower in the stream of air than it is in the air surrounding. The ball thus feels a force pushing it into the center of the stream ,where it will remain. Please don’t aim the air stream at other people, or at your face!

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